Updating to a New Version of BedquiltDB

The BedquiltDB projects strives to preserve backwards-compatibility between releases, and trys to follow semver as much as possible. Where breaking changes are necessary, upgrade instructions will be published here.


  • Bedquilt 2.0.0 requires the plpython3u language extension be installed on the PostgreSQL server
  • Bedquilt now requires PostgreSQL version 9.5 or later
  • The naming convention for internal utility functions has changed
  • All public functions have been changed to accept jsonb parameters rather than json
  • The find_one function now accepts skip and sort parameters
  • Sort specifiers now include $created and $updated options
  • Query operations now support Advanced Query Operators

Update process:

  • Update to PostgreSQL 9.5
  • Install the plpython3u language package for postgresql
  • Install BedquiltDB 2
  • Run the following SQL code:
create extension if not exists pgcrypto;
create extension if not exists plpython3u;
drop extension if exists bedquilt;
create extension bedquilt;
  • Update client libraries to a version which supports BedquiltDB 2.0